Keep put your hopes only in Jesus!

That is why we toil and struggle, because we put our hope in the living God, the Savior of all men, especially those who believe. ~ 1 Timothy 4:10

My name is Andy. I came from the very small village in a very big island in Indonesia, called Borneo, West Borneo precisely. When I wrote this testimony I was about 22 years old. I am Dayak tribe, the native people of the island, Borneo.

All the people from the village where I came from were totally illiterate! Even worse we did not believe in Jesus Christ, we did not have God and never heard it before! We only believed in our old traditional religion and beliefs of our ancestors. We actually lived in the darkness, both in terms belief and education!!

I was very sad to see the villages within this conditions. But what could I say and do? We were just small people, the poor and the ignorant. No one concerned with our situation here. But I always kept hope if someday there will be people from the city who will make vigorously- changes for the people of this village. I believed this hope, either where the power that drives me to always hope and pray with my own way over the years.

Finally I released, God leads the way of an answer to the people who always put hope and belief only in Him. One day in the month of October 2014, there came an evangelist team from Jakarta. They were 4 people came from Jakarta and 2 people their volunteers from local area. The team I knew was called “Jangkar Kehidupan” team.

I thank the Jangkar Kehidupan, which already visited our village in Maloh. Previously we were not Christian. No churches and schools in our residence. All residents in our area were illiterate. Jangkar Kehidupan team visited us and taught us about Jesus Christ, and led us to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was coming just from a puppet show performance for the very beginning! Initially we watched the puppet show which was aimed to the children firstly, and it was very enjoyable. Even the teens and adult were very pleased to see the performance. Then we were taught the song “Come into my heart, come into heart, Lord Jesus, and come into my heart and stay O Jesus.”  Finally now, we knew that was the song that invited Jesus into our hearts.

After the children ministry program they performed, Jangkar Kehidupan did not stop just ended there. After their returned to Jakarta, apparently they still continue the evangelism program with other educational programs which’s a holistic ministry to this Maloh rural communities. In cooperation with the local church Fellowship Church Evangelist (GAPPIN). This church was the one who’s very concern to the advancement of Dayak tribe.

Soon, the entire population in our Maloh village must joint the program “Literacy, Love for the Country” held by Jangkar Kehidupan and GAPPIN church. The activity greatly impacted for residents in the village Maloh. Now most of our people can read the letters, some have been able to read the Bible and writing letters, including me!  God is so good, He always been good to everybody who truly put their hope in Jesus. And now I was being followed equivalency test package A, so that I can continue my study to junior high school. Currently since last March 2015, we already have a church in our village. I love Jesus, He made my people dream came true. I promise I will be good and I promise to be obedient as His child to His Word and do according to His will alone. And I wanted to follow the footsteps of our pastor of GAPPIN who were eager to advance and liberate us all from the “darkness” that was so frightening, that did not know God and illiterate.

Thanks Jangkar Kehidupan, we pray you may still be given the power to serve more and more people like us who do not know Jesus, came to know and accept Jesus as the only Savior and Lord that alive!



Prayer: Lord Jesus, teach us to always rely on you in every step of our, and also remained faithful in the hope that merely in You only. Amen.

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