To whom I should be fear if I have Jesus?


Ephesians 3: 1 “For this reason I, Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you people who do not know God”; Ephesians 1:17 “… and ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, so that he may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know him properly”; Jude 1:25 “God the only God our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power and authority before all ages, and now and forever.”


 My name is Jeffery Sanit, born in a small village in Kupang, Eastern part of Indonesia. I am the second born of 4 siblings. I liked to play football and in my childhood I became neatherd in my hometown. My dream since childhood was to become a pastor. After graduated from senior highschool, I went to Jakarta. I went to a private seminary school in Jakarta.

When this incident happened, I was 26 years old and a student of a seminary school Jeffry sanitin Jakarta majoring in theology mission, semester 5th. During I was studying at the seminary, according to the department that I took, theology of mission, a lot of material that I learned about how we should and could share the message of hope about Jesus Christ, the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ  to people around us, especially those who do not know Jesus, or our lost brother and sister. Indonesia which everybody knows is the biggest country dominated population of Moslem, the people who really don’t know Jesus as the true salvation of life!

One day in August 2012, there was a seminar of evangelism for the students in my seminary school. This seminar was conducted by Jangkar Kehidupan Ministry, it was a 2days seminar. I really enjoyed and appreciated this ministry who wanted to share the “Equipping The Saint Seminar (ETS): 5 Fingers of Evangelism” which later I believed would be very useful tool for me in spreading the gospel to people. Starting from ETS training ever undertaken in the seminary, the seminary and the ministry followed up with a program of discipleship program that must be implemented by each student, it was a discipleship program.  I tried to practice the direct model and evangelism module ever received from Jangkar Kehidupan.

In the context of the discipleship program, on May 2013, seminary organized an event like seminar and training, and would be ended with dinner together. I came and invited 8 teens aged 13-17 years. They were teenagers who come from the area around the seminary and my boarding house.  They were all Muslim. During the event, some teens I brought went home and some still stayed.

Apparently, this was the beginning of the worst nightmare I’ve experienced in my entire life. When the event was underway, there were some residents of the surrounding communities who broke in angrily pointed at us and said why this Christian event invited Muslim to participate!! Who brought in our teenagers and what it means?? It turned out that our activities have been monitored by the surrounding Muslim community and even by the group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) who hate Christians the most. It was one of the fundamental Islam groups in Indonesia.  Then I admitted that I was the one who invited the teenagers to come to this event. They were very angry and took me in for questioning at a security post outside the seminary. Apparently when it has also been rumors that the teens I brought in already been baptized as a Christian. Muslim communities were increasingly angry and ferocious treated me. Although the lecturer who’s responsible for  was coming and asked that this matter be resolved peacefully, but when lecturer has gone, they continued back to do persecution and physical torture to me.

I did not know how long I was in the conditions and circumstances. That I felt it was just a tremendous headache, bruising and swelling all over my body. Because they used forceps and cigarettes for my physical torture. Even I could hear the shouts of the people said that I should be burned. I was half unconscious and nearly fainted the cry. I was aware that I’ve been in a very weak condition and pinched because at that time I was the minority at the majority of their territory. I’ve resigned to what might have occurred to me. I could only sincerely prayed and asked Jesus, let His will be in my life at that time. Let me willing to suffer and die for the glory of Jesus name. Only to Jesus all the honor and glory. I believed He will receive me at this time in his kingdom if I had to die in defense of his work.

Jesus is truly amazing !! I ended up not be burnt because the police had already arrived to handle this case. I was taken to the police station but according to the sector they were less secure, finally I was taken to the police station resort. I heard that at same night the local people forcefully closed the campus seminary and ordered all female students who were living in campus dormitories to get out of that place. Seminary must be emptied and closed, were prohibited from doing anything else!

It seemed the world was going to collapse. Because my goal was blocked by this painful event. But I believed and trusted of more than 1000% that Jesus had more wonderful plan for my life. After the suspension of detention cases that we submitted in an effort to obtain the consent of the chief of signatures not being obtained after 2 months, because the police chief resort did not deign to sign considering it is classified as a sensitive case, namely  the case of religion. Finally, I also was not so set off the practice field to Papua. My case is also finally went to trial. I was charged a one-year sentence. I was languishing in prison for approximately one year. Those days were so long and extremely long gone. But in prison I still hoped and prayed and continued to rely on the promise of God in my life. I believed that he had greater plans for my future. I still think positive, keep my behavior and continue to rely on Him day by day.

While in prison I did not forget what my aim from the beginning, which was to be a pastor. I helped the ministry of spirituality in prison. I always learned to be humble and helped others as I can. And it was real, it was a real miracle of God. Less than a year I have been released and I came out of prison with a heart filled with joy and gratitude were endless. I did eventually could not continue my studies. I returned to my hometown in Kupang, and began to serve there. I rejoiced that can still served the Lord Jesus though not necessarily to be a pastor. I prayed someday, there were still people who were willing to provide scholarships to me to keep learning in seminary and become a priest in the end. If it does not materialize, I will continue to serve the Lord Jesus in a way that is of course, deign to him.


Only praise and worship reverence for the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus. I also want to thank Jangkar Kehidupan who shared and distributed the materials evangelism which was simple and very easy to use as a model the spread of the gospel in Indonesia. Continue forward to serve and God used many times multiple to be a blessing to everyone who served.

God bless you, amen ….



Prayer: Lord Jesus, we know that Your plan that is most beautiful in our lives. Let Your plan that goes beyond our mind and thought that’s what happens in our lives. Jesus, allow us to always glorify the name of Thy holy in everyday of life and our lives. Help and form us into compliance with Your plan. Amen.

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